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Coburg Community Charter School

Welcome to Coburg Community Charter School!  We are a public charter school located in the town of Coburg, OR.  We offer a small, community based schooling option for families interested in small class sizes and community-based learning.  We operate under a charter agreement with our sponsoring school district, Eugene 4j.  CCCS is an independent, non-profit corporation with our own governing board of directors, staff and budget.

Like many public charter schools in Oregon, CCCS receives only 80% of the state funding provided to traditional public schools. Despite this shortfall, we deliver an unparalleled educational experience to our students by retaining the best teachers, creatively operating our facilities, and managing our budget. We also count on the generosity of our community. You can help support our school by donating now!

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91274 North Coburg Rd.

Coburg, OR 97408

541-344-4113 (phone)

541-344-4120 (fax)

Upstander Mailbox:
Click the image to link to our internal Confidential Reporting and Help Line for Students at Coburg Community Charter School
Contact Staff for the Following Concerns
  • Sexual Conduct Reports - Dave Wallace (Executive Director) or Laura Ralls (Admin on Special Assignment) 

  • Abuse Reports - for student or staff related concerns, contact Alissa Chase (Dean of Student Services) or Dave Wallace (Executive Director).

  • American w/ Disabilities officer - Dave Wallace (Executive Director) or Melodi Jayne (Human Resources/Business Manager)

  • 504 officer - Alissa Chase (Dean of Student Services)

  • Title IX coordinator - Dave Wallace (Executive Director)

  • Title VI, Title VII, Title IX and other civil rights or discrimination issues - Dave Wallace (Executive Director)

  • Safety Officer -  Dave Wallace(Executive Director)

Click link above for reporting form; this reporting goes to state authorities and school administration

We are grateful for friends in the community who support our school and families!

Many companies, families, and individuals support Coburg Community Charter School. We encourage you patronize the companies who generously donate items, funding, and/or time to our school.  

Thank you to all of our Annual Sponsors!!

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