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Skills and Community Day Learning

Curriculum Details
  • English Language ArtsMy View (K-5), My Perspectives (6-8th) Common Core aligned, comprehensive literacy curriculum. 

  • Mathematics Bridges Math (K-2nd), Math Expressions (3rd - 5th), Big Ideas Math (6th-8th) – Mastery in Math Skills

  • Social Studies/Core Knowledge – Sequenced Curriculum (language and literature, history and geography, visual arts, music and science).

  • Science - Simply Science (K-5)   IQWST (6-8th) NGSS aligned

  • Social and Emotional Learning- Coburg Community Charter School primarily uses Character Strong curriculum to teach social and emotional learning. Mindfulness is taught in most classrooms as a tool for increasing attention and comprehension, regulating emotions, overcoming stress, improving adaptability, and building compassion.

  • Arts - visual arts are integrated in with core subjects in all classrooms, music is taught in grades K-5 and as an elective in 6-8th grades

  • Community and Skill Days –Community volunteers bring their unique expertise into the school. Students build real-life skills, knowledge of community resources, and are immersed in local heritage.

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