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CCCS School Board Policies


Policy #     Title of Policy

AC             Nondiscrimination

AC.AR       Discrimination Complaint Procedure

ACB          All Students Belong

BBA          Board Powers and Duties

CBG         Evaluation of the Executive Director

EB            Safety Program

EBB          Integrated Pest Management

EBBB       Injury/Illness reports

GAB         Job descriptions

GBA         Equal Employment Opportunity

GBDA       Expression of Milk or Breast-feed in the      


GBEA      Workplace Harassment


GBEB       Communicable Diseases - Staff

GBEBA     Staff - HIV, AIDS and HBV

GBK/KGC    Prohibited Use, Distribution or Sale of

                    Tobacco Products and Inhalant Delivery 


GBMA       Whistleblower

GBN/JBA  Sexual Harassment

GBNA       Hazing, Harassment, Intimidation,

                 Bullying, Menacing, or Cyberbullying –



GBNAB     Abuse of a Child Investigations Conducted

                  on School Premises

GCAB      Personal Electronic Devices and Social

                Media - Staff

GCBDA/GDBDA     Oregon Family Medical Leave


GCBDA/GDBDA-AR(1)    Oregon Family Medical

                                        Leave (OFLA)

GCBDA/GDBDA-AR(2)    Request for Family, Military

                                        and Medical Leave

GCBDA/GDBDA-AR(3)    Sample Letter to Employee                                          - OFLA Leave

GCBDA/GDBDA-AR(4)   OFLA Eligibility Notice to


GCBDA/GDBDA-AR(5)   OFLA Medical Certification

GCBDA/GDBDA-AR(6)   Oregon Military Family


GCBDA/GDBDA-AR(7)   Designation Notice – OFLA 

GCBDA/GDBDA-AR(8)   Military Family Leave

GCBDC/GDBDC     Domestic Violence/ Harassment/

                                Sexual Assault/Stalking Leave

GCDA/GDDA-AR     Criminal Records Checks and


GCN/GDN      Evaluation of Staff

IGAEB            Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Prevention,

                       Health Education

IGBB              Talented and Gifted Program

IGBBA-AR      Appeals Procedure for Talented and

                       Gifted Identification and Placement 

IIBGA             Electronic Communications System

IKF                 Graduation Requirements

IKF-AR           Graduation Requirements


Policy #     Title of Policy

JB                Equal Educational Opportunity

JBA/GBN     Sexual Harassment

JBA/GBN-AR     Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedure

JEA              Compulsory Attendance

JED              Student Absences and Excuses

JF/JFA          Student Rights and Responsibilities

JFC               Student Conduct

JFCEB         Personal Electronic Devices and Social Media

JFCF           Hazing, Harassment, Intimidation, Bullying,

                   Menacing, Cyberbullying, Teen Dating

                    Violence, or Domestic Violence – Student

JFCF-AR     JFCF Reporting Procedures

JFCG/JFCH/JFCI    Use of Tobacco, Alcohol or Drugs

JFCJ            Weapons in the Schools

JFCM          Threats of Violence

JG               Student Discipline

JGA             Corporal Punishment

JGAB          Use of Restraint or Seclusion

JGAB-AR    Use of Restraint or Seclusion

JGD            Suspension        

JGDA/JGEA  Discipline of Students with Disabilities


JGE            Expulsion

JHCC         Communicable Diseases - Students

JHCCA       Students - HIV, HBV and AIDS

JHCD/JHCDA   Medications


JHFE           Suspected Abuse of a Child Reporting 


JHFF/GBNAA    Suspected Sexual Conduct with Students

                           and Reporting Requirements


JO/IGBAB     Education Records/Records of Students

                       with Disabilities

JO/IGBAB-AR    Education Records/Records of Students

                           with Disabilities Management

JOA            Directory Information

JOB            Personally Identifiable Information

KAB           Parental Rights

KJA            Materials Distribution

KL              Public Complaints

KL-AR        Public Complaint Procedure

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