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School Information

CCCS Drop Off/Pick Up:
Inclement Weather/School Delays:

Coburg Community Charter School, as a rule, follows the direction of Eugene 4j in the case of inclement weather. If 4j cancels school, we will follow suit. If 4j has a delay, we too will share the same delay. It has come to our attention, however, that if 4j calls  for a delay on a Friday, our school day would be dramatically shortened- from about four hours to less than two hours.10:15-12:00. As a result, we have decided that if a delay is to occur on a Friday, Coburg Charter will remain closed. If the delay happens on a Monday-Thursday, we will follow the delay as outlined by 4j. A Friday delay will result in the cancellation of school.


Coburg Community Charter School offers hot lunches to students. Menus area available from your student’s teacher around the middle of each month. Fill out the menu form completely and return it to the lunch envelope located in your student’s classroom. The due date for each month’s menu is listed at the top of the form — orders cannot be accepted after the due date. Include a check (payable to Coburg Community Charter School).

Free Meal Program:

In these tough economic times, many families are finding their finances tighter than ever. The school meal program may be able to help. The program is confidential, easy, and good for both your budget and your child’s school. If your household income is at or below the federal guidelines, or if your family receives food stamps, TANF, or FDPIR, you qualify! You can qualify for the program even if your situation is short-term, such as a temporary layoff. A new application (one per household) must be completed each school year to qualify for free or reduced-price lunches.

If you have any questions about the program or how to apply, please contact the CCCS office.

2022/23 (Meals Application)

Prevention, Identification, and Reporting of Child Abuse

Public charter school staff receive training each school year in the prevention and identification of abuse of a child and on the obligations of school employees under ORS 419B.005 and as directed by public charter school board policy to report suspected abuse of a child. 

Board Policy JHFE

Please contact Liz Bruno, Dean of Student Services, or Dave Wallace, Executive Director.

Quick Facts About CCCS

  • Sponsoring School District: Eugene District 4j Eugene, Oregon

  • Established: September 2011

  • Grade Levels: K-8

  • Class Size: Average 25

  • Daily PE for all grades

  • Art and Music Classes – Band, World Percussion

  • Ability Grouping for Math & Reading

  • Current Enrollment:  Approximately 225 students

  • Receives 80% of state funding per Oregon Law 338

  • Half day on Friday

  • Community Immersion:  Skills Day, Community Service Projects, partnerships with Coburg Police, Coburg Fire, Coburg City Hall, local farms and businesses.

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