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.Hello from the Executive Director.

If you are brave enough to say, “Goodbye”,

Life will reward you with a new “Hello”.

Pablo Coehlo

Hello Bronco Families,

This year is winding down quickly. It was a school year filled with challenges and unknowns as we began working our way back from the effects of the pandemic. I am so proud of the patience, dedication, and tenacity of our staff and students in our efforts to return to more “normal” times. There is much more to do, but CCCS is on a great trajectory at this point. Thank you all for being supportive, helpful, and patient in this process!

As this year ends, we look forward to many new beginnings in the next school year and a few new staff. Please help us welcome the new Executive Director, Dave Wallace, who comes to us from Wisconsin by way of a year in Tillamook. There are also some additional staff to be hired over the next several weeks. First, our beloved Business Manager, Molly Rust, will be moving on to another position at the end of June. We will miss her expertise and wisdom yet wish her the best of luck in her new job. Her replacement will have huge shoes to fill, but I am certain this person will be greeted warmly and supported well by our school community. Custodian Maddison Rust will also begin a new journey and will be missed greatly. Secretary Tanna Harrison is a pioneer of this school and will continue to be needed for many years, but she will not be working regularly in the office next year. We welcome Erica Piquette, who will be joining Danielle Hauser as school secretary. Our wonderful counselor Anthony LaGoy will not be returning and will be greatly missed. We will be working to hire his replacement in the coming weeks.

There are changes planned for the classrooms, too. Here are the teachers for each grade next year. Kindergarten parents, please keep this to yourself for a little while to give Mrs. Boyum and Mrs. Young the chance to share the news with their students at Move-Up Day on June 14th. All students will have the chance to “move-up” to their new classroom and meet their new teacher on this day.

Kindergarten - Julie Andros

1st - Elise Boyum and Alyson Young

2nd - Elyse Smith

3rd - Lissa Rutter

4th - Melissa Sepulveda

5th - Liz Schneider

6th - Lee Ann Erickson

7th - Michelle Epperson

8th - Beth Monterrosa

PE - Jen Mosier

Music - Olive DelSol

Tier 3 - Kasey Rubash

ELA Specialist - Natalie Wilt

Math Specialist - Jennifer Dillon Onsite Substitute - Amy Dilg

Meditation/Yoga - Erik Lovendahl

As I move on to the next chapter of my life, I extend my deepest gratitude to the wonderful staff here at CCCS. This team is inspiring and incredible. I will miss everyone so very much. Thank you to all of the amazing students and families who are part of this school and the entire community. I love this school! It has been a blessing to work with all of you!

Much love and well wishes,

Lisa Jager


.Hello from the Dean of Student Services.

As a kid, summer was thrilling to me not just because of getting to sleep in and swimming endlessly, but because it was the time of reinvention. For example, between third and fourth grade, I practiced my handwriting every day. I was determined to no longer have the worst, most illegible work in my class. I started 4th grade feeling like a champion - my teacher could finally read my writing. Later, between 6th and 7th grade, I took reinvention to a new level. That summer,

I got a perm (big mistake) bangs and all (bigger mistake), switched from glasses to contacts, and got braces. Wow wow wow, I felt cool. Two weeks before school started, I debuted the look at the fair. I was thrilled with the idea that I could make myself someone more of who I wanted to be.

Does summer still hold the possibility of such change for kids today? With technology and social media, and other systems of how children get information, is there enough room to breathe, imagine who they want to be, and have time to make that person bloom?

As you head into vacation mode - whether your kids are at camps, at home, with other family members, or whatever might be happening - I encourage you to give your children space and room to dream of the self they want to be.

Being at home can truly provide this space. In the 1985 seminal text, Poetics of Space French philosopher Gaston Bachelard describes the importances of homes and spaces we have enough comfort to dream. “I should say: the house shelters day-dreaming, the house protects the dreamer, the house allows one to dream in peace.”

I hope you have a summer of dreaming, and that your children have enough room to not only play, but to hope for the future. Sometimes our best hopes are not only hoping for what will happen, but hoping who we will be.




.General Information.


Friday, June 10th- NO SCHOOL

Tuesday, June 14- Staff/ student swap day! (Teachers have to wear student dress code and free dress for students!)


2021-22 school year memories are yours to keep if you order a CCCS yearbook. You can order online at with yearbook code 14666122. Order your yearbook today!

Used Books:

There will be used books on sale outside the library for the following prices: .25, .50 or 1.00

Lost & Found:

Please look through the lost, Items not claimed will be donated


  • All library books are due by THIS Thursday!

Summer School:

Summer School will be an enrichment program focused mainly on STEM projects, food science, gardening, and art. Students may sign up for one week only of their grade level options in order to allow more students the opportunity to participate. To sign up, please complete this form. A form is needed for each student interested in participating.

Instructors: Mrs. Sepulveda & Chef

Monday - Thursday 8am - noon

  • July 4th - 7th Session One K-2

    • Middle School - Leadership opportunities (7 students max)

  • July 11th - 14th Session Two K-2

    • Middle School - Leadership opportunities (7 students max)

  • July 18th - 21st Session One 3-5

  • July 25th - 28th Session Two 3-5

  • 24 K-5 students per session

  • Middle school students may sign up to act in a leadership role, being partnered with a few students and sticking with them throughout the week’s session. This will allow them to model appropriate behavior, be an extra set of hands for instructors, and give the middle schoolers a chance to step up and lead when needed.

During the summer school session there will be built in times for recess, breaks, and snacks as needed.


.PCS Corner.

Hello from PCS (People for Coburg School), the school's parent group. Three things to know or help with this week….

1. Em’s Game on Sunday. If you bought tickets through CCCS for this Sunday’s baseball game and have NOT picked them up, please email Brenda ( And the Ems have canceled a few games due to weather, so please check your email, PCS FB page, and/or if the weather is looking bad.

2. JOG-A-THON Results! We had a blast at our first in-person Jog-A-Thon in 2 ½ years. A big thank you to everyone that donated and all the volunteers (especially Kalee Powell for serving as Chair) who helped to make the day a success! We met our school-wide goal, raising $15,084! Besides a huge investment in our technology, this also means students have earned the Staff/Student Dress-Swap Day…next Tuesday 6/14: all students have a free dress day, while teachers must wear dress code :) Gift cards and lap running ribbons will be handed out tomorrow at school. Other results (raffles drawn by Miss Danielle in the office):

  • Classes that raised the most in donations (per grouping) and earned a donut delivery tomorrow, Thurs. 6/9: 2nd grade, 3rd grade, and 6th grade

  • Pizza lunch date with your teacher and 3 classmates: Madelynn F. in 8th

  • Lunch date with school Administrative Team: Cali T. in 1st

  • $25 Amazon gift cards: Ryland H. and Benny F. in 2nd, Sydney T. in 6th, and Luke J. in Kinder

  • $50 Amazon gift card: Alexis K. in 5th

  • $100 Amazon gift card: Ryan S. in 4th

3. Book Fair Results! Thanks to everyone who supported all the other aspects of Fun Friday last week - the popcorn and art sales, picnic, clothing closet…and the book fair, which raised over $2600. This earned us over $1,000 from Scholastic to use towards buying books for our library/school! Special thanks to Shannon Hay for chairing the book fair and all the volunteers who helped throughout Friday.

To stay up to date, join us on Facebook Other questions or comments? E-mail Thank you!


.Community Corner.


Thank you to our June sponsor!


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