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Bronco News 1-19-2022

"Intelligence plus character—that is the goal of true education."

~Dr. Martin Luther King

This week we celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King. Dr. King is a hero who understood that knowledge without compassion cannot maintain a successful country, community, or organization. He shared his belief that people can survive and eventually thrive through even the most challenging of times when they remain hopeful. I believe we need his words of wisdom and encouragement now as much or more than in past times.

CCCS was built on a foundation of developing “strong character and academic excellence through community immersion”. We are proud to teach our students the importance of Dr. King’s message and to provide instruction which integrates strong academics with social, emotional, and community focused themes. As we prepare for our 2022-23 enrollment lottery, we enjoy sharing this aspect of our school with interested families.

The founding team for the charter school began with a very clear vision which was shared with families as they expressed interest in the school. I’d like to share these words in honor of the hard work and dedication of our founding families and as recommitment to the vision that still drives our school.

“Our mission and vision indicates four interest areas that help us determine what success is at CCCS. These areas are academics, community, leadership, and character. CCCS is dedicated to helping students grow in all of these areas - to become a well-rounded person, not just an academic success. We believe that there is more to a child than just how well they perform on a test. We believe that how they treat others, their sense of community and helping others as well as being a team player is as valuable as their academic success.”

“Our school is a charter school, a public and a non-profit organization. We are a school of choice and are different from regular public schools. The board has determined that to be successful, we need to always remember who we are and where we came from. Our mission and vision is our guide in all decisions that we make and will keep our focus where it should be in order to continue to have success. It is important for families who join our school to understand our mission and philosophy. To understand the history of Coburg and why it was important to our founders and this community to continue to have a school in this town. This school is not perfect and will never be, but we are special, and we are doing good things. We are always learning and growing and trying to do our best for our children. We hope you will join us in this quest for what we call success.”

If you know someone who is looking for a school with a small community focus valuing academics and a whole child approach to learning, please direct them to our website for information about our enrollment lottery and process .

May you and your family stay healthy and happy this week!

Warmest regards,



.Hello from the Dean of Student Services.

Advice for Hard Times - “Childlike” Questioning

When my daughter was seven, we joked about writing a book called, “Sharing is the Best, and Other Things Adults Say, but Don’t Quite Mean.” This joke followed a frank conversation. My daughter asked me why adults ask children to share toys with guests, but don’t share their things: phone, cars, kitchen appliances, etc.

Children can have unique perspectives. Simply put, they may find things we think are “normal” to be inconsistent or strange. Right now, this is an important talent. Fresh perspective is hard to come by in 2022.

Many adults are feeling stuck or in a topsy-turvy loop, like they are living in a washing machine. As a comedy writer put it recently,“I’ve really been ‘I just need to get through this week’ing for two years straight.”

What do you do when you feel like you’re about to fall apart? Especially when you’re a parent - and you don’t have the luxury of time and space to crumble or cry?

Maybe you’re angry. Maybe an organization or a person is driving you mad. Maybe you are sick of the way certain things are, or are just exhausted from juggling things. Maybe your child is struggling and you don’t know how to help. Maybe you feel like you are failing.

Although there’s not a perfect formula, if you’re lucky enough to have children, you’re lucky enough to have a powerful weapon against despair, anger, and fear at your fingertips: Questioning.

In normal times, children’s questions can feel like disruptions to adults - “But why?” In disrupted times, questions can be powerful. They disrupt disruption.

If you are in a vicious brain spin, an emotional tailspin, or having repeat conversations that never get anywhere, a fresh, curious question can break the cycle.

What kinds of questions help? Being curious about how other people are feeling can allow our own emotions to pause. Being curious about systems, goals, and perspectives that aren’t ours can allow our own logic and frustration to pause. We can get a break from what we are carrying.

Children are SO good at this because they are learning machines. Their bodies and brains work overtime to gain perspective and make sense of what they are seeing.

Adults do not like feeling lost and vulnerable. But children are used to feeling this raw and risky way. Children’s minds and bodies live in an adult world that is often an uncomfortable fit. The furniture is not always their size, the stores are for adults, the world around them is not quite theirs. So they must question because questions are the tools they use to find roads forward to new things.

Silly questions can be as important as big ones or personal ones. Would you rather have spaghetti for hair or Cheetos for fingers? Is cereal a kind of soup? Is a hot dog a sandwich? What would peanut butter be called if it wasn’t called peanut butter?

What’s the silliest thing you’ve ever done? What is your first memory of me?

If you have trouble asking questions, there are endless lists online. You can find lists for your childrens’ ages, print them out, cut them into strips, and put them in a jar on your dining table. They’ll be there ready for you when you need them to help you.

Being curious is not just for children - it means opening your mind and your arms and putting down what you’re holding that’s heavy.


Liz Bruno


.General Information.

U of O Covid Testing: If your student is enrolled in the weekly covid testing through the University of Oregon, please put the provided label on the outside of the sample bag and write the date on it.

Existing Student Re-Enrollment:

To ensure placement in a class for returning students, please complete one re-enrollment form per current student. The online form can be found HERE or on our website by clicking on the school information tab and then the admissions ribbon.

Failure to complete and submit forms by 3:30 on February 11, 2022 may result in loss of placement in a class. If you have any questions, please contact the office. We are happy to help!

New Student Lottery Applications:

Siblings who are not currently enrolled but will apply to attend in the 2022/23 school year (as openings become available) must complete the Application for Lottery/Waitlist form. Forms received post lottery will be added to the waitlist. The online form can be found HERE or on our website by clicking on the school information tab and then the admissions ribbon. Applications are due by March 18, 2022 at 3:30pm.

EZ Texting:

You can sign up to receive emergency and weather-related text messages from the CCCS office by texting EZCCCS to 313131. You must sign up annually to maintain the service. Standard text rates apply.


Monday, January 24- Board Meeting at 6pm. The link to join will be posted on the homepage as the day nears.

Friday, January 28- Grading Day- NO SCHOOL

Exclusion Day

If you got a letter in the mail regarding your child's immunizations, please get us updated information ASAP as exclusion day is fast approaching on February 16, 2022


.PCS Corner.

Hello from PCS (People for Coburg School), the school's parent group. The three key things to know or help out with this week….

Food Drive Next Week! We are excited once again to partner with the Coburg Food Pantry for our annual Food Drive from January 24-28th with a goal of creating boxes with condiments and other basic needs. A letter went home regarding the details & the needs of the pantry this year - or you can find a list online: PCS Current Events. There will be a box near each classroom to contribute your items next week. Thanks for helping out our community!

  • Terrific Tasty Takeout Tuesdays! Whatever you want to call it, Tuesdays in February are going to be the most delicious way to help raise money for our school. Each week we have partnered with a different restaurant. You take our flier in on that day, and PCS will earn a portion of whatever you spend! Feb. 1st (and 2nd!) = Coburg Pizza Company, Feb. 8th = Crumbl Cookies (get gift cards for Valentine’s Day!), Feb. 15th = Chipotle…. A full list and fliers will be sent out by the end of the month.

  • PCS Meeting: Thanks to everyone who was able to zoom in last week & help us respond to the teacher requests. Save the date for our next meeting on Friday, Feb. 11th to discuss our spring events: jogathon + the Bronco Bash on May 14th.

Questions or comments? E-mail Thank you!


.Community Corner.

Downtown Coburg just got a little bit prettier! Each student at CCCS drew a picture of what they thought Coburg looked like 100 years ago. One picture from each class was chosen, blown up, and put on the West side of the grange!

Thank you to the Grange, City of Coburg, Mainstreet volunteers, and our students for collaborating on this fun project


.Information for 8th Grade Parents.

  • Tuesday, February 8 - Monroe / Coburg Parent Night Via Zoom - 6 pm - Virtual Event for parents/students to learn about forecasting for their students and transition to high school.

Join Zoom Meeting

  • Thursday, February 10 - Cal Young / Coburg Parent Night Via Zoom - 6 pm - Virtual Event for parents/students to learn about forecasting for their students and transition to high school.

Join Zoom Meeting


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