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Bronco News 10-27-2021


.Hello from the Board of Directors.

The Board met Monday evening to discuss family concerns about how post-travel quarantine recommendations may affect their child(ren)'s enrollment status. To accommodate families following the CDC post-travel quarantine guidelines (7-10 days), staff will be preparing instructional packets for the students of families traveling during the November and December breaks. In order to give staff time to prepare these packets, November 12th will be a no-student day. The completion of packet work during the quarantine period will allow the school to claim attendance and maintain the student’s enrollment status. Instructional packets may be requested three days prior to your child(ren)'s absence.

Although the packets will provide your child meaningful learning experiences, in-person instruction is best for your child's academic growth. We know how important travel and the holiday season are to the mental well-being of our families and hope that this packet option will alleviate concerns held by families intending to travel and quarantine afterwards. However, due to the extra burden it places on the staff, we cannot offer packet work for students missing school for travel reasons outside of the November 22nd-26th and December 20th-Jan 1st breaks. If there is no emergency or medical reason for the 10 day absence, the enrollment space opens to the next student on the waiting list.

As a reminder, our recommendation to follow the CDC post-travel guidelines is not required, but we do continue to encourage families to be thoughtful and careful for the safety of all.


.Hello from the Executive Director.

Be strong now because things will get better.

It might be stormy now, but it can’t rain forever.

Author Unknown (Probably an Oregonian)

Hello, CCCS Families,

It is my personal philosophy to always look for silver linings and to perceive challenges and adversity as opportunities for growth. I have to admit, there are times when this is very difficult, and I lose my way. It helps to have guardrail friends who help me find my way back when I lose sight of a positive path.

I’ve been in education for over 30 years. I am recognizing that this might be the most challenging and important time since I began my career. The stress of the pandemic is taking a toll on everyone. Kids are struggling. Families are strained. People are exhausted. It is taking many of us every bit of energy to keep a smile on our faces. If you are feeling overwhelmed right now, you are not alone. What can we do to help each other carry on?

Last year, when the pandemic was a new thing, we were scared and unsure about how to best provide instruction in a distance learning environment. We asked for grace and patience as we figured things out. Grace and patience allowed us to move forward in a positive direction to find solutions. This year, we have a plan, but the impact of COVID on the social and emotional development of our students presents new challenges and concerns. It is a concern being shared among educators across the country. We need to extend grace and patience to each other as much or more now than before.

Probably the best advice I have ever received is to always assume positive intentions. This helps me when I am in a conversation where I disagree with someone. It helps when I am on the receiving end of someone’s frustration and/or anger. It helps when I don’t understand someone’s actions or motives. More than ever, it is helping me navigate tough situations and conversations. By assuming positive intent, conversations or situations usually end amicably and solutions present themselves.

We are grateful for your continued support, for all of the positive comments that keep us going, and for your trust as we shift to address the challenges presenting this year that were hard to anticipate prior to a return to full time in-person learning.

Warmest regards,



.Hello from the Dean of Student Services.

In an age of technological distraction, the skill of paying attention is particularly important and challenging (for adults and children alike).

“Attention can be confused with a kind of muscular effort,” wrote philosopher Simone Weil. She argued that if you tell a child they must pay attention, they might just tighten their eyebrows, hold their breath, and stiffen their muscles, but that isn’t real attention. “If after two minutes they are asked what they have been paying attention to, they cannot reply. They have not been paying attention. They have been contracting their muscles.”

For Weil, the skill of true attention had to follow truly enjoying something. “The joy of learning is indispensable as breathing is in running.”

If you are looking to support your student in learning at home or school, you can help them find the joy in learning.

Want to help your student succeed in science? Help them have joy in the natural world. Want to help your student succeed socially? Help them have joy in learning to get along and repair friendships that are rocky. You want to help your children learn respect? Help them feel the joy of working in cooperation with others - those great feelings of peace and progress that can come from being on the same “team” as someone else.

You want to help your child feel important and like they belong? Help them have joy in who they are. Give them chances to show off their unique talents. Help them make a video of baking or beatboxing. Help them experience the joy of being themselves.

Please note: I will be hosting a monthly parent seminar on Zoom, starting next week. I will leave time for questions about the school, parenting, and education. Please reach out if there is a topic you would like covered! I'll be discussing social and emotional learning "catch-up" during our first meeting. Save the date - Wednesday, October 27th, 6:00 - 7:00pm.


.General School Announcements.

Calender Update

November 12th - No school for students. Staff prep day

Library Cards

If you haven’t turned in your Eugene Library Application forms yet, please deliver them to the Eugene Library at this point instead of returning them to the school.


Thank you so much for your donations of bottles and cans. If you plan to leave them outside of the school, please make sure that they are in a blue bag. If you need a blue bag, please reach out to Katie Brushett at

Talented and Gifted (TAG) Are you interested in knowing more about the TAG program at CCCS? Any student in grades K-8 can be referred for Talented and Gifted (TAG). Most students who qualify for identification will fall into one of three categories: Intellectually Gifted, Academically Talented in Math, or Academically Talented in Reading.

To Qualify for Identification: To be identified as Academically Gifted in Reading, Math or both, the student must score at or above the 97th percentile on a nationally standardized test or statewide assessment (such as OAKS or Smarter Balanced). If the available data isn’t definitive, an additional assessment (the TerraNova Assessment of Reading and/or Math) will be administered by the 4J school district, to provide one more data point.

To be identified as Intellectually Gifted, a student must score at or above the 97th percentile on a nationally standardized test of mental ability. In 4J, this could include the Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test (NNAT) for students in grades 3-8; for younger students, a more comprehensive assessment administered by a school psychologist. The Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC IV) is commonly used for this purpose. No single test should be the measure of TAG identification in any area.

TAG testing this year:

  1. Fall testing window: Each elementary school will be offering one testing window open to students recommended by parents, school personnel, or students (self) in the fall. The Building TAG Coordinator will coordinate with the 4j School district for testing days in or early . Both the Terra Nova (Academic) and NNAT (Intellectual) will be given at this time). Kindergarten students will only be tested in the spring due to the norms for the Kindergarten reading and math Terra Nova.

  2. Spring Testing: There will NOT be a spring testing window for students in grades 3-8. Students in grades 3-8 have the opportunity to qualify for TAG in Math or Reading by scoring in the 97%tile or higher on OAKS/SBAC in the spring. Students in grades K-2 will not have SBAC scores, so there WILL be a spring window for students in those grades to take the Terra Nova or NNAT.

If you feel your student would qualify using these guidelines and are interested in having your student referred for evaluation, please let your classroom teacher know by October 26th. If you have questions regarding the referral or identification process, please contact our TAG Coordinator, Kasey Rubash at


.Community Corner.

Thank you to our October sponsor, Johnsen Electric!

The Johnsen's have been serving Lane County and Oregon since 1956. They are a third generation electrical company that takes pride in their work. From full installation for additions, remodels and generator installs to a variety of other jobs, they do it all!

Johnsen Electric October Deals:

*free estimates to the local area

*10% off services when mentioning this ad from Coburg Community Charter School

*10% off for veterans

Community Days

This Friday will be the last of the 2021 Community Days. We are asking that students come in regular dress.

Volunteers needed!

We are looking for six volunteers to help with vision screening on Tuesday, November 4 beginning at 8:30am. Please email Katie at if you are available and to confirm that you have completed all of the necessary requirements to volunteer.


.PCS Corner.

Hello from PCS (People for Coburg School), the school's parent group! This week’s key things to know and help out with…

  1. THIS FRIDAY: Deadline for Ordering LogoWear. The Logo Wear Store will only be open until this Friday, 10/29 (ignore the end date of 11/1 on the website). Note: Colors are limited to black and gray due to supply chain issues happening across the country. If there are stock issues with the color you choose, they WILL substitute it with the other color, but won’t change the style or size. Be sure you order "youth" or "boys/girls" for kids sizes.

  2. SUNDAY: Volunteers Needed for Coburg’s Trick or Treat Event. The Coburg Fire District is hosting a Drive Thru Trick or Treat event at the fire station on Sunday, October 31st from 2-4 pm. We need volunteers to help set-up from 9am-1pm and clean up from 4-5pm - EVEN IF YOU CAN ONLY STOP BY FOR 30 MINS IT WILL HELP. Jenn Fitzgerald (decorating master) will have everything organized, so you just have to show up. Sign Up Here. Thanks!

  3. MONDAY: Read-A-Thon Starts! This week, your child brought home information about our new Read-A-Thon happening next week. The goal is to encourage reading, build literacy skills, and raise funds to continue our partnership with the Eugene Public Library and fill CCCS’ 20% funding gap. Thank you for making time to support your child in calling a few friends/family to sponsor their reading each day. Sponsors can pay through check, cash, paypal. If your child lost the forms, please email Otherwise, thank you & happy reading!

  4. LAST CALL! We’re forming teams around our major events, so please fill out the interest form to let us know how you would be able to help. We are especially looking for class captains (parent rep.) for grades 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Thank you!

Save the date: next PCS meeting is Friday, Nov. 5th after drop off in the cafeteria. Questions or comments? E-mail Thank you!

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